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KMSYSTEM CNC Shaping Machine.gif

Numerical machine specialized in surf machining.

Our technology

Advanced motorization

KMSYSTEM CNC Machine Brushless.jpg

Brushless AC Motors Technology Optical Encoders
Maximum speed 40 000mm / min Repeatability <1/60 ° mm
Resolution 1/60 ° mm

New KMSYSTEM ultra-rigid profiles ALU Anodized Black 130x105mm

Studied and designed in France

Training with steel belts Linear guide Monorail / Ball pad

Dust free protection 100% made in France for maximum reliability.

Guidance & Chassis

KMSYSTEM CNC Machine Dustproof.jpg
KMSYSTEM CNC Machine Profils.jpg


 Entirely developed within the company, KMSHAPE is compatible with SHAPE3D and imports all Gcode files. We adapt the control software for your needs free of charge, with the aim of ever simpler use. Database, shortcuts, specific button .. 

CNC Command

Our numerical control is developed within the company. Updates and improvements are thus accessible and regular.

Learning mode and Joystick control



Our range of digital preshape machines starts from 7 'is about 2000mm and can go up to 18' is 6000mm.


Type A : from 7' to 12' 

from 22 500 €

Type B : from 12' to 18'

from 27 500 €

CNC Shaping Machine 18 feet 4 axis.gif

Useful races in mm

min         _cc781905-5cde-3194- max

800     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_bad     6000

800     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_badY     2500

400     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_badZ        800

We can adapt the dimensions of our machines to your needs / constraints. Explain us your project and we will propose solutions.

3 axis

This model of very compact digital machine offers space savings and guaranteed rigidity and optimal precision.

4 axis

This CNC model offers the possibility to machine complex shapes. For the machining of surfboards, this 4th axis makes it possible to machine the rails and the bridge in the same operation. This allows a perfect symmetry and a great precision.

Accessoires shape



 Hot wire

A hot wire tailor-made for your machine will allow you to easily cut your profiles into large blocks of foam. It can cut both inside and outside the chassis for greater amplitudeud .

 3D Scan

The 3D scanner developed within the company offers a retro-design feature.


Our prices

Prix préshape

Find all our ranges

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Gamme textiles.png
Toutes nos gammes.jpg
gamme shape.png

Wood and PVC 
5 axis

gamme grandes dimensions.png
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