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Large digital cnc machines

Expand your desires!

KMS machine 2.jpg

600 mm

CNC Shaping Machine 18 feet 4 axis.gif

6000 mm

Kmsystem is also specialized in large cnc machines.

All our know-how allows us today to offer you ranges of large digital machines.

X 800 mm
Y 800 mm

Z 150 mm

Useful stroke

X 6000 mm
Y 3500 mm

Z 1200 mm

While keeping speed, precision and maneuverability.

Design your ideal machine

X - 1200 mm
Y - 1200 mm
Z - 300 mm

Find all our ranges

gamme mousse.png
Gamme textiles.png
Toutes nos gammes.jpg
gamme shape.png
gamme grandes dimensions.png

Bois et PVC 
5 axes

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