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Leather Industry

Composite fibers & Composite Clipping

Foams & Plastic

KMSYSTEM fabricant de machines numerique


from 32,000€

CNC Machines

This range of digital machines adapts to different industries. From the cutting of foams, cutting textiles but also cutting of leathers and fibers, our cnc also offer the machining of wooden boards, PU foams and the machining of plastic materials. 


4-ply dry fiber cutting with triple tool head 


A motorization at the forefront

Precise and fast guidance

Rack and ball screw drive
Linear guide monorail, ball bearing
Dustproof protection by teflon tape 

Technology Brushless AC Motors
from 100W to 2kW

Optical Encoders

Maximum speed 40 000mm / min

Repeatability <1/60 ° mm

Resolution 1/60 ° mm

CNC Machine numerique de decoupe KMSYSTEM gamme TRC

A specialized digital control

 A KMSYSTEM exclusive that supports 6 simultaneous axes and controls all aspects of the machine. All KMSYSTEM machines benefit from this multidisciplinary core and adapted to each request..

Protection hors poussiere CNC machine numerique KMSYSTEM

Customized software

 The KMSHAPE software is developed within the company. The updates are free and adapted to each one of you. We have the wish to remain at your service because the innovation also comes from you.

Import of all Gcode files.
Compatibility with all CAM software.
Learning mode Joystick control

Logiciel CNC machine numerique KMSYSTEM
Joystick CNC machine numerique KMSYSTEM
Chassis special CNC machine numerique KMSYSTEM

Latest generation chassis

New ultra-rigid KMSYSTEM profiles.
Anodized Black 130x105 mm
Designed, developed and manufactured in France for maximum reliability.

An optimal suction table

Offering 3 to 6 completely independent suction zones, the company-designed tray adapts to all your productions by reducing your energy consumption.

Our Standards

CRT 2000

TRC 3000

A custom TRC?   
Of course !

TRC cnc numerique kmsystem découpe de fibres, découpe de carbon, découpe de cuir, découpe de mousse

CRT 2000

TRC 3000



Rotary Cutter

Variable in diameter, this tool allows you to cut, mark or crush the material of your choice.

Couteau rotatif machine numerique de decoupe KMSYSTEM


From 18000 rpm to 36 000 rpm and from 1Kw to 3.3Kw, we adapt the milling machine to your needs. Welcoming all types of tools.

Vibrant knife

Couteau vibrant machine numerique de decoupe KMSYSTEM gamme TRC
Retro projecteur CNC Machine numerique de decoupe KMSYSTEM gamme TRC

With a depth of up to 110 mm, the vibrating knife offers the possibility to cut very precisely all your design even the most complex.

Depression table

Offering 3 to 6 completely independent suction zones.

To satisfy all your needs you also offer an assortment of compatible tools


Our prices

Prix composites

Find all our ranges

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Wood and PVC 
5 axis

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