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Multi-Axis CNC

3, 4, 5 axis machine and more..

High technology

Our French digital machines designed for carpentry and cabinet making meet all your projects. From flat cutting, 3D sculpture but also clipping and complex machining.

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French CNC Machines

Our digital machines imagined, developed, and designed in France. We wish to offer you a French product adapted to each of your needs.

3-axis gantry CNC

3-axis gantry digital machine with a useful stroke of 300 mm on Z 

3-axis high CNC

3-axis machining machine with up to 800mm Z travel

4-axis CNC

Describe this service, how it works, and who it is for.

Imagine the 5-axis CNC of your dreams! 

5-axis CNC and more..

Design your ideal machine

from 26,000 €

X - 1200 mm
Y - 1200 mm
Z - 300 mm
Choice of axes
Choice of options

Find all our ranges

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Wood and PVC 
5 axis

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